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Corners of the Mouth was founded in 1984 by Karl Kempton and Kevin Patrick Sullivan. Karl came up with the name Corners of the Mouth after consulting the I CHING. Karl found the 27 th hexagram corners of the mouth which talks about the mouth as not only a place to nourish the body but a place to nourish the community the body lives in with breath/words. How perfect for a poetry reading series. Karl left after the second year and eventually Kevin changed Corners from a local's only series to a series that features some of California's best poets local or not. For over fifteen years the format has been to feature an out of town poet  with a local poet  - open reading to follow.

Corners of the Mouth is a monthly reading series of featured and open poetry readings held on the third Sunday of the month at Linnaea's Cafe since 1984. Linnaea's Cafe is located at 1110 Garden Street in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Readings start at 7:00 pm. This is a FREE event. For further information please email Kevin at or call (805) 547-1318.


Schedule of Events 2015 - 2016

All Events at 7:00pm
Linnaea’s Café, 1110 Garden St. San Luis Obispo, Ca.

Oct. 18th

Lance Lee from Santa Monica
David Kann's Beginning Poetry Writing Class
From Cal Poly, SLO


November 15th

32nd Annual San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival
Featured Readers

D. Jayne McPherson from Anselmo
Chryss Yost from Santa Barbara
Jasmine Marshall-Armstrong from Merced

Open Reading/Closure Party

December 20th

Memorial Reading

January 17th

Rick Lupert from Simi Valley
Linda Camplese from SLO
Samuel Duarte from Gaudalupe 


February 21st

Jerry Garcia from L. A.
Kevin Clark from SLO


March 20th

Teddy Macker from Santa Barbara 
David Kann from SLO


April 1tth

Karl Kempton from Oceano
Marguerite Costigan SLO County Poet Laureate from SLO 
Michaeal Hannon from Los Osos



May 15th:

Pamela Davis from Santa Barbara
Michael McLaughlin from Orcut 


June 19th:

Mark Evans from Ventura
Beka Castillo from Santa Maria

Monet Davis from SLO


July 17th::

Nathan Spooner from Grover Beach
Kevin Patrick Sullivan from SLO


August 21st


Don Wallis from SLO Reads from his new book FOR THE GOD OF SMALL CHILDREN


 September 18th

John Hampsay from SLO
Will Jones from SLO



October 16th


Laure- Anne Bosselaar from Santa Barbara
Catherine Abbey Hodges from Porterville








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