POETRY AT THE STEYNBERG held every first Sunday of the month at 3:00pm Steynberg Gallery is at 1531 Monterey St. in SLO

Jan 4th 2015 
Coco de Casscza from SLO
Friday Gretchen from Ventura
Fernando Albert Salinas from Ventura

Feb. 1st
Enid Osborn from Santa Barbara
Mary Kunz from SLO

March 1st
Mary Kay Rummel Poet Laureate from Ventura
Marvin Sosna from SLO

April 5th

No Show



May 3rd

Lorenzo Lago from SLO
Elijah Emlay from Ventura
Shelley Savren from Ventura

June 7th
Chryss Yost current Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara
Marguerite Costigan current Poet Laureate of San Luis Obispo

July 5th
Michelle Detorie from Santa Barbara
Michalle Gould from LA
Dorothy Buhrman from SLO

August 2nd
T. C. West from Paaso Pobles
Lorenzo Lago from SLO






Sept. 6th

Dian Frank from San Francisco
Lauren Henley from Redlands
Jonathan Maule from Redlands

Oct. 4th
Patti Sullivan from SLO with her Prize winning new Chapbook
At the Booth Memorial Home For Unwed Mothers 1966 from eveningstreetpress.com


Nov. 1st
Phoebe MacAdams from Pasadena
Gary Young from Santa Cruz

Dec. 7th 2015




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