POETRY AT THE STEYNBERG held every first Sunday of the month at 3:00pm Steynberg Gallery is at 1531 Monterey St. in SLO

Jan 3rd 2016 

Beka Castillo from Santa Maria
Joe Amaral from Arroyo Grande
Luke Johnson from SLO

Feb. 14th

Luivette Resto from
Chris Schulz from Atascadero

March 6th

Peggy Dobreer from L. A.
George Burns from SLO

April 3rd

Graham Smith from Long Beach
Amber Douglas from Long Beach 
Charles F. Thielman from Santa Maria



May 1st

Trista Hurley-Waxali from L. A.
Morgan Ferris from Los Osos

June 5th

Holaday Mason from L. A.
James Cushing from SLO 

July 3rd 
Teresa Mei Chuc from Los Angeles
Paul Lobo Portuges from Los Osos

August 7th

Laurel Ann Bogen from L. A.
Paula C. Lowe from Arroyo Grande






Sept. 4th

Jacqueline Tchakalian - from L. A.
Sam Pereira from Los Banos 

Oct. 2nd

Nov. 6th

Dec. 7th 2015
Shelly Savrin from Ventura
Elijah Imlay from Ventura
Don Wallis from SLO




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